How To Fix A Kohler Canister Flush Valve That Drops Too Quickly | Upgraded Home (2023)

How To Fix A Kohler Canister Flush Valve That Drops Too Quickly | Upgraded Home (1)

Toilet problems can be some of the most frustrating issues for homeowners. When the canister flush valve drops too quickly, it can cause a poor toilet flush. Before you contact a plumber, try to troubleshoot the canister valve first.

To prevent the flush valve from dropping too quickly, adjust the chain attached to the canister flush valve. The chain should not be loose. Allow only one or two lengths of slack in the chain to ensure the canister valve seals properly.

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How To Fix A Kohler Canister Flush Valve That Drops Too Quickly | Upgraded Home (2)

What Is a Canister Flush Valve?

Old flush valves had a simple rubber stopper attached to the chain. When you pressed the flusher, the stopper would lift and send water down into the bowl. While this is typically the flush valve that most toilets have today, there is a new canister-type flush valve.

A canister flush valve is the new flush valve system with a tall, cylindrical canister that sits atop the valve. When you press the flush button, the canister lifts and allows water into the valve. This is more efficient as it allows a larger amount of water into the valve, increasing flushing power.

How to Adjust the Canister Flush Valve

Kohler toilets have a flush valve canister located within the top water tank. The valve has a chain connected to a flushing handle. If the toilet doesn’t flush when you press down on the handle or drops quickly, you can adjust the canister.

To adjust the canister, tighten or loosen the valve chain connected to the seal and handle. Make sure that the valve seal aligns over the drain. This will ensure that the canister is fully adjusted.

To adjust your Kohler toilet, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Remove the Water Tank Lid

Remove the water tank lid from the top end of the toilet and set it to the side.

Step 2: Reconnect the Flush Valve Chain

If the trip lever is disconnected, reconnect the flush valve chain back onto the trip lever. Pull on the chain to make sure it’s secure.

Step 3: Readjust the Valve Chain

If there is too much slack, unhook the chain and re-hook onto a shorter link.

Step 4: Fit the Valve Seal Into Place

Move the valve seal connected to the valve chain at the bottom of the seal so that it fits into place.

Step 5: Place the Lid Back Onto Tank

Place the lid back onto the water tank and flush the toilet to ensure it fully flushes.

Other Types of Toilet Flush Valves

In addition to canister-style flush valves, there are also three other formats. Toilet flush valves come in standard-size, 3-inch, 4-inch, and dual flush valves.

Standard Toilet Flush Valve

A standard toilet flush valve is 2 inches in size and works with most low-flow toilets. This is the most common flush valve found in residential homes. It is also the least expensive and most frequently purchased toilet flush valve.

A standard toilet flush valve consists of a hinged flapper attached to the base of the overflow tube. The flapper also connects with a chain to the top of the overflow tube. The flapper sits at the bottom of the toilet in the flush valve to stop water from flowing into the bowl.

The seat of the flush valve has a plastic bolt that goes through the hole in the toilet tank bottom. It fastens the flush valve to the tank with another plastic bolt secured from the underside of the tank.

3-Inch Flush Valve

The 3-inch flush valve is similar to that of a standard flush valve but made for toilets with a 3-inch opening. The larger opening at the base of the tank allows more water to flow into the tank at a faster pace. This can give the toilet a more effective flush and ensure a double flush isn’t needed.

4-Inch Flush Valve

A standard 4-inch flush valve is for toilets that have a tank-to-bowl opening of about 4 inches. This is a bump in size that provides a more powerful flush. Other than the size difference, the valve functions in the same way as a 3-inch flush valve.

Dual Flush Valve

Similar to tower or canister-style flush valves, dual flush valves sit directly on the top of the tank-to-bowl hole. This valve comes in both a low-flow and high-flow option in order for you to reduce your water consumption. In addition, you can choose how much liquid is in the toilet.

A dual flush valve sometimes has a flush button system. One button is for low-flow and the second button is for high-flow. There may also be a flush lever system that can be pressed down for high-flow flush or lifted for a low-flow flush.

Other Common Toilet Issues

The home toilet consists of two major parts: the bowl unit and the upper tank that holds the water. The bowl is the most solid piece of drain fixture that has no moving parts. Therefore, not many repairs involve the toilet bowl.

The tank, however, is where you’ll find essential valves and a handle that initiates the flush action. Inside of the tank is where toilets most often have to be repaired. While repairing a toilet may seem intimidating, these are common issues below that are simple to fix.

Toilet Runs Constantly

A toilet that runs constantly is the most common, and annoying, toilet problem, but you can fix it yourself. For example, the water level in the tank may be too high. This allows water to flow over the top of the overflow tube and down into the tank.

Another problem may be that the flapper isn’t sitting correctly in the opening of the flush valve. With either problem, use the refill valves to adjust the water levels, and flapper valves are simple to replace.

Loose Flush Handle

If you have a loose or disconnected flush handle, it is an easy problem to fix. One solution is to reconnect the lift wire or lift chain that connects the lift arm to the flapper. Another solution is to adjust the handle mounting nut inside of the tank, turning counterclockwise to tighten.

Leaking from the Toilet Base

While most toilet issues originate in the toilet tank, the toilet base tank leaking is a common problem. This is typically a result of a damaged wax ring, which can’t seal the base of the toilet properly. Replacing the wax ring will typically solve the problem and can be done relatively inexpensively.

Low Water Level In the Toilet Bowl

Make sure that the rim feed hose connects to the flush valve to correct the water level. The rim feed hose directs water into the toilet when the tank is refilling. If the hose isn’t installed into the flush valve, the water level in the bowl will be low.

The rim feed hose should be inserted into the top connection of the canister, directly in the center. It shouldn’t be pointed down into the canister.

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How To Fix A Kohler Canister Flush Valve That Drops Too Quickly | Upgraded Home (3)

Related Questions

How do I adjust an internal float fill valve?

New models of Kohler toilets now have a new type of silent fill valve. This valve fills the tank quietly while conserving water. The internal float level hides inside the head of the valve.

If you need to adjust the float fill valve, first twist the top head counterclockwise to unlock it. To lower the water level, lower the head of the fill valve. To raise the water level, raise the head of the fill valve.

After you have reached the desired water level, twist the head clockwise back into place.

What do I do if plunging the toilet doesn’t work?

If you can’t remove the clog after several attempts of plunging, try clearing it using a toilet auger. A toilet auger is a specialty durian snake for toilets. The auger has a telescoping metal tube with a cable running inside and a crank handle.

Insert the cable end into the toilet, then turn the handle while pushing the cable down through the toilet trap. This will clear the clog. In addition to clearing the clog, there is a corkscrew tip on the cable that will grab any obstructions.

You can purchase a toilet auger on Amazon for about $25.

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